Phi Alpha Theta Trip to Boston

During the second week of August, four members of Phi Alpha Theta and Dr. Steven Kite traveled to Boston, Massachusetts.  The students attending the trip were Hyrum Somers, Morgan Schneider, Bronson Michaud and Jodanna Bitner.  There they spent a week visiting historic sites, museums, and even a few college campuses.   While many of Boston’s attractions are tourist-oriented, the commercialization of the historic sites has allowed them to rescue and preserve many landmarks that would otherwise have been demolished.  Sites such as the Old South Meeting House and Old State House are nestled between office buildings.  Another major attraction of Boston that the group visited was the U.S.S. Constitution, also known as “Old Ironsides,” the oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world.   The group also visited the graves of Sam Adams, John Hancock, and William Dawes, among many other famous revolutionaries buried in Boston.

While the historic parts of Boston are in a compact area, there was still an incredible amount to see.  The first several days were packed with museum visits and walking along the Freedom Trail.  However, by the final day, the group had seen everything on the itinerary.  The group split up for the final day, with visits to sites such as Fenway Park and Salem, Massachusetts to round out the trip.

Aside from the storm that the group flew through on the trip home, the trip went smoothly.  With temperatures in the 80s and an extremely high humidity, the weather felt almost cold after the recent Kansas heat.  Public transport in Boston was also appreciated, with almost every attraction the group visited within easy walking distance of a subway stop.  Several ferry rides to the more distant locations were a welcome change of transport as well.

Overall, it was an interesting and educational trip.  The only disappointment for the group as a whole was the Red Sox were playing an away game the week of the trip



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