REMINDER:  CLIO Lecture Series, Dr. Norman Caulfield

Tuesday, November 5th, Robbins Center 7:00 – 8:00

“Is History Bunk?  The Deindustrialization of America”

Is History Bunk?  In 1916, when running for President, Henry Ford said it was. Dr. Norman Caulfield, Professor of History, award-winning author, and 2007 FHSU President’s Distinguished Scholar disagrees. Professor Caulfield will explain why knowing about Henry Ford and industrial America is so important for understanding the times in which we live. In doing so, Professor Caulfield will discuss his next book, which covers deindustrialization, the ongoing economic slump, and its impact on labor and employment, among other topics. Author of NAFTA and Labor in North America, and former Director of Research at the NAFTA Labor Secretariat, Professor Caulfield will also give his insight on the Transpacific Partnership and the Transatlantic Partnership “trade deals” currently in the works.


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