Alumni News

This form is for your convenience in sending news about yourself, your family, or other alumni. Let us know of any change in occupation, recent honors or degrees earned, marriages, births, memories of FHSU and any other news of interest. We want to hear from you and we need your help to make the Pastime newsletter more interesting. Please send us a photo of yourself if you have one.

Name: _________________________________________________

Dr. Mr. Mrs. Ms.               First                     Last                               Maiden

Address: ________________________________________________

Street                                              City                   ST               Zip code

Year Graduated: ____________                   Degree Received: ____________

____ Check here if this is a new address        Phone: ___________________

Business Address/School Name: ________________________________

Your Title/Occupation: ________________________________________

Current activities, events or memories of FHSU: ______________________


Please correct any errors in your name or mailing address and send us the address of any alumni you know who are not receiving Pastime. IF YOU ARE MOVING, please notify the History Office of your change of address when you move.


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