Faculty & Staff

DAVID BOVEE: Dr. Bovee is in his sixth year in the Department of History at FHSU.  In February 2010 his book, The Church and the Land, on the history of the National Catholic Rural Life Conference, was published by the Catholic University of America Press.  He also got tenure last spring.  This fall he starts as the department’s representative on the Graduate Council, and he continues service as its Library Liaison.  He is the director of District 5 of Kansas History Day.  He is also an active member of the Ellis County Historical Society.  Most of all, he enjoys teaching his courses on Modern World Civilization, U.S. History, the History of Ideas, the Classical World, and U.S. Diplomatic History.

NORMAN CAULFIELD: Dr. Norman Caulfield made several presentations on his recently published book NAFTA and Labor in North America (University of Illinois Press, 2010). He discussed his book on two radio programs over the summer. Community Bridge Radio in Manhattan, Kansas interviewed Dr. Caulfield for 40 minutes, and KFFI in Kansas City interviewed him and another author of a recent book on the general subject of US trade and industrial policy for one hour.

In April 2010, Dr. Caulfield also made a presentation on his NAFTA book in Mexico City at the VI  CONGRESO DE LA ASOCIACIÓN LATINOAMERICANA DE SOCIOLOGÍA DEL TRABAJO,  and he presented some of his new research on a book he currently is at work on, tentatively titled Labor and the Great Recession at an academic conference of Latin Americanists in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Dr. Caulfield also published a review of Tanalis Padilla, Rural Resistance in the Land of Zapata in the International Review of Social History. Dr. Caulfield also received an offer by a Mexican publisher to translate and publish an earlier book of his, Mexican Workers and the State (1998) as well as NAFTA and Labor in North America in the Spanish language.


DAVID GOODLETT:  Dr. Goodlett engaged in some preliminary research on the language specific to several major European political figures of the twentieth century.  Dr. Goodlett remained the faculty advisor for the History Club, which he continues to encourage incoming students, especially history majors, to attend—as an entirely social organization, this club is an enjoyable way for new students to meet and fraternize with other students, especially history majors.

KIM PEREZ: In 2009-2010, Dr. Kim Perez had two articles accepted for publication in peer-reviewed journals.  Her article “’Nature as a Field for Fiction’:  Mabel Osgood Wright Responds to the Nature Faker Controversy” was accepted for publication in ISLE:  Interdisciplinary Studies of Literature and the Environment and is forthcoming.  A second article, “Its Not the End of the World But You Can See It From Here:  The Importance of Local History in a Rural Setting,” a collaboration with Dr. Steven Kite,  was accepted for publication in The History Teacher and is forthcoming.  Dr. Perez was also awarded the Herbert Hoover Travel Grant by the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Association for her proposed research on First Lady Lou Henry Hoover and her involvement in science and nature study.

SHANNA BUTEL:  Shanna has been the Senior Administrative Assistant for the Department of History since 2009.

VANESSA BEILMAN:  Vanessa is a student worker with the Department of History.  She is an English Major and has worked with the department since 2010.

KAYCEE BEILMAN:  Kaycee is a student worker with the Department of History.  She is a freshman this year and has not declared a major.


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